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17 Dec

Review: SOUL Fury at Bendigo Gallery by Alison Carroll

Women at the height of their artistic powers present a powerful reckoning in SOUL Fury https://theconversation.com/women-at-the-height-of-their-artistic-powers-present-a-powerful-reckoning-in-soul-fury-165315  


ABC TV Art Works featuring SOUL fury

In this episode of Art Works: Meet poet/artist Jazz Money and artist Serwah Attafuah and see how the first interrogates colonial spaces, and the latter toys with digital reality. We head to two exhibitions, Tarnanthi in Adelaide and SOUL fury in Bendigo. You can watch the episode featuring SOUL fury curator, Nur Shkembi and artist […]


ABC Radio National: The Art Show interview

The year 2021 has seen significant changes in the arts sector. Many projects either halted or were delivered online, few had the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a hybrid delivery model. I was fortunate to continue my curatorial practice, research and public engagement through projects such a SOUL fury which I curated for the […]

13 Aug

SOUL fury at Bendigo Art Gallery

A new exhibition of work by contemporary female artists from across the globe. Presented by Bendigo Art Gallery in collaboration with Nur Shkembi, independent curator and scholar of contemporary Islamic art, this premier exhibition brings together the work of leading Australian and international contemporary artists working across sculpture, photography, painting, installation, video and textiles. Gleaned […]

3 Jan

New Website

Welcome to my blog at my new website nurshkembi.com. Although I envisage that my posts will be far and few between, I do hope to keep you updated in relation to my PhD research and conference contributions … and maybe even a few of my ramblings on contemporary art and curatorial practices, in particular contemporary […]

28 Jun

Re-thinking the museum as a contemporary space – part I

Contrary to the stagnated and fixated social imagery surrounding the traditional museum, the contemporary museum setting can in fact be a transformative and dynamic environment, particularly if it is enacted as such through the social agency of minority communities. This autonomy operates most effectively in conjunction with an audience perception which too, moves beyond tradition […]

10 May

Pseudo-spatial justice

With experiences that occur within a certain space also comes the experience that happens outside of that space.  From the sanctity of diversity where no one majority is present to the spaces where diversity becomes distilled, in the places where the minority is the majority, this experience of comfortable spaces, or spaces in which a […]

3 Apr

Spatial Trialetics

Political geographer and urban planner Edward Soja, by building on Henri Lefebvre’s concept of the spatial triad, offers the theory of spatial trialectics which includes his reference to the thirdspace. Soja’s theory of thirdspace acts as “an-Other way of understanding and acting to change the spatiality of human life, a distinct mode of critical spatial […]

30 Mar

Art, culture, presence and Spatial Justice

When considering art, culture and cultural development within the realm of contemporary society, grasping a basic understanding of this notion of spatial justice through the conceptual, experiential and imagining of spaces becomes an essential starting point. The premise of justice, in this instance, is being explored within the egalitarian ideals of access and presence or […]