Khalas! | Nur Shkembi

Curated By: Phillip George and Nur Shkembi | Date: 4 May 4 – 14 July 2018

Enough خلاص Khalas An exhibition of contemporary Australian Muslim artists
UNSW Galleries 4 May 4 – 14 July 2018
Curated by Phillip George and Nur Shkembi

The word khalas in Arabic has a myriad of definitions including: stop, finish, that’s all, it’s fine and enough! This exhibition unapologetically explores the contemporary Australian Muslim experience in the now, through a series of contemporary works across as number of mediums. From the daily media beat ups to out rightly racist leadership taunts directed at Muslims, this modern day Orientalism relentlessly depicts Islamo-fascist terrorists, creeping Shariah and the fantasy of infantilised Muslim women. Many Australian Muslims have had enough. Not only have they had enough, but they have decided they are enough. Khalas! This is a diverse exhibition (with attitude) which aims to speak to the often cited but rarely interrogated social condition of Australian Muslims.


Exhibiting artists

  • Abdul Abdullah
  • Abdul-Rahman Abdullah
  • Safdar Ahmed
  • Khadim Ali
  • Hoda Afshar
  • Leila El Rayes
  • Alia Gabres
  • Karam Hussein
  • Zeina Iaali
  • Eugenia Flynn
  • Khaled Sabsabi
  • Abdullah M.I. Syed
  • Shireen Taweel