Hyphenated Projects Biennial 2020-21 | Nur Shkembi

Curated By: Hyphenated Projects (Nikki Lam and Phuong Ngo) | Date: November - December 2020

Curated by Hyphenated Projects (Nikki Lam and Phuong Ngo) in collaboration with an external curatorial committee (Eugenia Flynn, Nur Shkembi, Tian Zhang, Erica McCalman, Kat Clarke, Lana Nguyen and Soo-Min Shim), the Hyphenated Biennial is our first large-scale project that hopes to facilitate ongoing dialogues and collaborations in solidarity with First Nations artists, with Asian diasporic artists living and working in so-called Australia today. We want to challenge artists to decentralise the white gaze in their work, and instead, centralise their art making in questioning how we could build stronger communities in solidarity with each other. Acknowledging that while Asian diaspora often deals with their own cultural narratives and/or own struggles with colonialism, settlers of colour are contributing to the ongoing colonisation of this land and the dispossession of First Nations people. 

For full project details please visit: https://www.hyphenatedprojects.com/hyphenated_biennial.html