Ways 2B Muslim | Nur Shkembi

Curated By: Nur Shkembi | Date: 21st March - 8th July, 2018

An exhibition of contemporary Muslim life

@ The Islamic Museum of Australia, 15A Anderson Road, Thornbury

With the growing public debate on the status of Muslims in the west, Peter Drew’s street art campaign 1.6 Billion Ways To Be Muslim playfully challenged that conversation with his unique hand printed posters. Ways 2B Muslim reinvents this campaign through the photography and video-graphy of six young Australian Muslims as they set out to discover just how many ways there are. Join the artists, producers and special guests at The Islamic Museum of Australia for this topical conversation through this timely exhibition and our exciting public program.

Learn more about Ways 2B Muslim here:  https://www.waystobemuslim.com/about-the-campaign/