Australian Centre for Contemporary Art | Nur Shkembi

Curated By: Nur Shkembi and Léuli Eshraghi | Date: November 11, 2017

La Colonie Sud – Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)

Inspired by La Colonie, initiated by Kader Attia in Paris in 2016 as a space where ‘people can come together to share ideas, to debate issues, to share a drink or a meal’, ACCA invites a range of artists, academics and community activists to discuss ideas of cultural exchange, appropriation, and the tangled relationship between extra-Occidental cultures and the West in the wake of decolonisation and de-imperialisation.

Convened by Nur Shkembi and Léuli Eshraghi, curator-researchers focused on questions of identity in relation to the dominant discourse, the afternoon will address a wide range of ideas in relation to Kader Attia’s work, including notions of injury, repair and reparation, interrupted by conversations, food and artistic propositions.